Thursday, February 12, 2015

DIY LOVE Canvas from CHA 2015


It's almost that time...Valentine's Day. In celebration of all the hearts and love floating about, I wanted to share a canvas I made for CHA 2015. This canvas was on display in the me & my BIG ideas booth and I was SUPER excited to see it in person. 

I made this heart inspired canvas after I fell in love with the paper from the mambi Straight to the Heart paper pack. I mean...wood grain, I love you repeated over & over in cursive and this darling heart paper. I was done. Swoon! 

Here is what I used: canvas, modeling paste, doilies, mambi Jumbo Gold Rush Alphas, Mod Podge, vellum, hot glue, Straight to the Heart paper, mambiSTICKS, and wood coasters.

I really loved how it turned out. I liked the contrast between the white & gray that I used with the gold. The little pops of red look great too. I love that the red is a super pretty muted red, not an in your face brick red. It worked well with this piece. 

This type of project doesn't have to be just for Valentine's Day either. What about a DIY Anniversary or Wedding gift for someone? Perfect right! I know I always love receiving gifts that someone made for me. Just gives the present a little bit more of love & magic. 

Happy Creating Friends!

Monday, February 2, 2015

2 Day Workshop with Christy Tomlinson : Studio Crescendoh

Wow! What can I say? Last weekend I had an awesome opportunity to visit Studio Crescendoh in Santa Ana for a two day Workshop with Christy Tomlinson. It was simply awesome! Every single minute. I have to give a huge shout out to my Hubby who surprised me Christmas morning with the class. He heard me mention the workshop and knew I would probably not sign myself up. Certified shy girl has never taken a class in person. I am so glad that this was my first!

I have to say Christy is such a generous, sweet, encouraging, fun teacher! I adore her to pieces. I have taken several of her online classes (which I highly recommend) and it was so exciting to have her right there in person. 

The first day of the Workshop, Christy taught us how to put together a gorgeous journal using scrapbook papers, old calendars, envelopes, tags, and really what ever we wanted to add into it. I LOVE it! I thought binding books myself was a long drawn out process. That always discouraged me! Not now! I am going to make a bunch. Such a GREAT way to use up all my scrapbook paper that I hoard have. We also worked on several backgrounds with paint, stencils, and Gelli Plates. I had never used a Gelli Plate before, so playing with it was very interesting. On the second day we created a gorgeous cover with one of Christy's She Art girls. I collaged a lot with patterned napkins, which I don't normally use. I love the way my She Art girl's floral hair looks, so I will be hunting down some cool looking napkins!

I also loved Studio Crescendoh! What an amazing space. It is located in the art district of Santa Ana in a beautiful old building.  I loved the feeling it had. Inside the studio, I loved the large windows that brought in so much natural light and the GORgeous art of Jenny Doh that filled the walls. She is truly inspiring. I hope to take more workshops! She brings so many amazing artists to her studio to teach classes. Can't wait to return. :)

As a self proclaimed shy girl, meeting new people is always a bit nerve racking for me. BUT, I was so thrilled about taking the class the excitement took over & I felt right at home. Ha! Plus, all the girls taking the class were so warm and friendly. I was so lucky to sit next to the fabulous Kristen. We hit it off right away, which made the days even better. I met so many wonderful girls & artists. I am blessed!

I had a great time at Studio Crescendoh! I came home wanting to bind books & fling paint, completely inspired, and blessed with new artsy friendships. Such a wonderful weekend! Thank you Christy & Jenny (and my Hubs)!!

If you want to check out all the amazing artists visiting Studio Crescendoh click right HERE

Visit Christy right HERE!

Happy Creating,

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My One Little Word 2015

Hello January! (That would seems much more fitting if I was writing at the beginning of January, instead of a couple days before it's end. Ha!) 

To be honest, I was really waiting for January to get here. I really was. It's not like 2014 or December were horrible & I needed them put to rest. But, I was absolutely feeling the need for a clean slate, fresh start, wiped away, wide open, kinda vibe. I always feel that way around the new year. I was ready!

I was also ready to choose a guiding word for 2015. (2013, 2012)
At first, I seemed so indecisive about even having a word or which one to choose, that I almost decided to bow out again this year (I didn't choose a word for 2014). But, I made a list of words I had swirling around in my head & took some time to think about it. Getting creative always helps too, so I made a 12 x 12 layout using some of those words I had written down.

For this layout I used me & my BIG ideas paper, stickers, & embellishments. To read about it, visit their blog right HERE!

After some creating, thinking & reading about everyone else's words...I came to a decision. I had a word. It came for me, jumped on my back and would not leave me alone. :) 

begin to BE

There it is. My word. It really came down to three words - create, become & begin. But, in the end I choose become after I looked at some of the synonyms for the word.

emerge as, grow into, be reformed, be transformed into,

I mean, how great are those!? There are so many things I want to do, try, and accomplish. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about these things I fail to follow through or actually get things done! 

2015 is the year I make intentional steps to becoming...

becoming my dreams, 
becoming what GOD has intended,
becoming healthier, 
becoming stronger,
becoming more patient, 
becoming more organized,
becoming fearless,
becoming more ____ (fill in the blank!)

There is lots to come in 2015 & I can't wait!
What is your word this year??

  If you are not familiar with One Little Word, read about it right HERE on Ali Edward's Blog.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY New Year's Eve Wine Charms


How cute are these little wine charms? Yesterday I shared a festive 2015 banner (HERE) and today, adorable matching wine charms. They were created to add some special homemade touches to New Year's Eve, but they can be made for any occasion. All you need are a few supplies, paper from me & my BIG ideas & the possibilities are limitless. Talk about a perfect hostess or housewarming gift!

Lets get to the creating!

You will need: Bottle cap necklace charms, small washers, one inch paper punch, mambiSHEETS, one inch clear epoxy stickers (I used Spare Parts from Hobby Lobby, hot glue gun, ribbon or twine

The process was super easy and didn't take much time at all. Here it goes!

1) Punch a bunch of one inch circles out of chosen paper. Make sure each circle is different (That's how each person knows which glass is theirs!)
2) Attach epoxy sticker carefully and rub on a hard surface to lessen air bubbles
3) Attach washer to the top of the bottle cap charm
4) Use hot glue to secure the domed circle to the bottle cap
5) Tie a pretty ribbon or piece of baker's twine to each cap
6) Make as many as you want and enjoy!!

I can't wait to use my new wine charms and I think I may just 
have to make more! :)

Come visit the mambi BLOG and read about the DIY 2015 Banner right HERE!

Be sure to have a fun & SAFE New Years!
Happy Creating Friends,