Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time to Spruce Up the House with Art

Yes it is! It is time to spruce things up around here. It has been on my TO DO list over and over to start adding more to the walls around here. It is slowly getting done and man, does it make a difference! I am adding kid's art, my canvases, favorite pictures, mirrors, and prints. (Prints mainly free for personal use prints found online and from the NEW DIY Gallery Art pads from me & my BIG ideas.)

One of my favorite ways to add some pizzazz to our walls is to layer a print on top of some fab scrapbook paper. Below is a picture of a black frame I used for out master bedroom. All I did was add a matte, cut down this amazing script writing scrapbook paper to peek out behind a quote. SO easy and I love how it turned out. Script writing is such a hot trend right now. I see it everywhere. I always love bold black and white with a pop of color. This script writing paper came from a new mambi 12 x 12 pad you can find right HERE. I think it is also at Hobby Lobby.

We are also working on making my daughter's room a little more "grown up" and "fancy." Adding colorful, fun art to the walls always helps. Look how cute it would be to add this print to a scrapbook paper that looks like it is painted. This paper is another sheet from the Paint Pallette 12x12 pad. You could easily paint it yourself or just snag this sheet. :)

We have already collected lots of great art for her room from amazing artists like Danita, Danielle Daniel, and Michelle Allen. I can't wait to see it all put together. Hopefully soon!

Hope you are having a creative Tuesday!
Happy Creating,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time for Some Summer Projects

View at sunset from the front of our cruise ship.

Wow, time sure does fly! I can't believe it is already the middle of July. My kids start back to school in a month. CRA-zy.! We have been traveling quit a bit, so creative time has been cut short lately. My hubby and I just got back from our last summer trip to Philadelphia - which was a historical dream. I loved seeing all kinds of new things and making beautiful memories with my family. But, I am super excited to be back home and ready to find some artsy time for all the oodles of projects I have planned. I can't wait to share them! But, first here are some things I have been working on.

4th of July Decor
I had some scrap wood in my garage that has been screaming my name. So I decided to make a quick holiday themed frame for the 4th. All I did was glue three pieces of wood together. I attached some red and white paper from the me & my BIG ideas paper pad. I made a photo matte from more layers of paper from mambi. Then hot glued some rope for some decorative touches. Finally attached mini clothespins so the picture can be changed out if I wanted later.  It really took me no time at all! I have been waiting to use that super cute star paper and this project was perfect.

Sunday Mornings & Summer of Color

Any time I can find, I have been continuing my work on my Sunday Mornings class with Mindy Lacefield and the free blog event - Summer of Color 4 with Twinkle, Twinkle. I have not been able to link up my pages or travel around to all the wonderful blogs which is a bummer. BUT, I am still challenging myself to do the activities. :)

Little Love Cards

Eeeekkkk! Do I ever miss my kids when I travel with my Hubby. I love our "grown up" time together, but my heart aches to see the little sparkling faces of my kids. Whenever I do have to leave, I LOVE to leave little notes on their bed, in their suitcases, hidden in their room, etc. I just really want them to know that I am thinking of them. On this last trip I made these darling little cards using several different items from me & my BIG ideas. All their fun goodies make creating so easy. These only took me a couple minutes to put together & the kiddies loved them. Handmade treats like these always make people feel special. :)

Pocket Page Scrapping

Although I am "behind" on keeping up with my Project Life style album, I am still plugging along finishing weeks as I can. No stress. Just fun! This week 21 spread from 2014 was so relaxing to put together. The entire page is put together using me & my BIG ideas products again. That is why it was so easy!You can read about it right HERE!

Another page from week 22.....

Details about this page are on the mambi blog right HERE
Look how cute my son's writing looks. I love adding memorabilia like this into my album. Years from now pages like this will be a treasure. :)

What artsy, creative projects have you been working on? I'd LOVE to hear!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Another mambi Monday - DIY Wall Picture Ledge

Recently me & my BIG ideas released new DIY Gallery Art Pads. The concept is brilliant! Each pad has a bunch of fun art and/or patterns to create your own super stylish gallery wall. Really, all you need to go along with it are some frames, a hammer, and nails. The front even includes hanging ideas! But...I mean, twist my arm to HAVE to look on Pinterest for ideas too. ;)

Today on Sadie Inspired, I want to share one of the two picture ledges I put together. I used one pad and still have more art for other places around my house. The other ledge is featured today on the mambi blog! You can read all about it RIGHT HERE.

In one of our rooms that we call the "music room" because it houses the piano, we have a wall with a tall shelf in the middle. On either side, my multi-talented Hubby installed two picture ledge shelves using plans from Shanty 2 Chic (visit them here). I wanted to give them a face lift with some fun, fresh goodies and the mambi DIY Gallery Art Pads were perfect.

I cut this small HOME piece from the pad and thought it would look great on some burlap. All I did was wrap some rope around the top and bottom, tied it in the back, and slipped in the paper. I love that I can change it out later for a new look. The backing to the black and white picture also came from the pad.

I loved the neutral color in this print. Plus it matched the other picture ledge well. The quote by Tom Petty was pretty fitting for a "music room" too! :)

The large R was already something I had up on the picture ledge. I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby awhile ago. I have every intention to paint it a different color, but for now it works. I LOVE how big it is.

Also, on the far left, I glued two small wooden clips to another burlap canvas. Now it can be used as a backdrop for various pictures and prints. It is a quick way to create a picture display.

Come on over to the me & my BIG ideas blog to see the other side I put together! I just LOVE how I was able to freshen up my home d├ęcor so easily. I wonder what I will do next?!

Happy Creating!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prepping for The Summer of Color 4

I can believe that on Monday, The Summer of Color 4 hosted by the very talented Kristin at Twinkle, Twinkle is beginning! Seriously, the fourth year! I say that because first of all, it seems crazy that I have had a blog that long.

So this weekend I am preparing for the color goodness to begin. If you don't know about the SOC, it is a free 6 week event where each week there is a fabulous color challenge. (Info about it RIGHT HERE) I was not sure how I wanted to complete each week's challenge. So I just started pulling out a couple different choices. I vowed to myself that I would not buy anything new to house all my creative play in. I had to use what I had!! 

Hmmmm...an altered book, chipboard mini album, loose watercolor paper, a spiral journal, junk journal. It took me a bit to finally decide and I can't promise that I won't change my mind either. Come back when SOC4 kicks off to see what I decided!! :)

Summer of Color is really fun and I have enjoyed the past 3 years.  Here are a few pictures from the past.

 Read about it HERE

Read about it HERE

Read about it HERE

These are just a few from The Summer of Color 2. The great thing about this event is that Kristin welcomes all kinds of creativity - mixed media, scrapbooking, card making, jewelry, ATCs, photography, art journaling... anything really!! Plus, a little added bonus - there are giveaways each week. It is going to be so ridiculously fun! COME join the COLOR FUN if you haven't already!  

Happy Creating!